Episode 260: 10 Years of Sketchnotes with Mike Rohde


On this episode I speak with my friend and returning guest, Mike Rohde. Mike is the author of two bestselling books: The Sketchnote Handbook and The Sketchnote Workbook – and co-creator of the new Kickstarter project, The Sketchnote Ideabook. He presents workshops around the world that encourage people to use visual thinking skills to generate, capture and share ideas more effectively.

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Mike is also the illustrator of bestselling books REWORK, REMOTE, The $100 Startup, and The Little Book of Talent. He has been commissioned to create live sketchnotes for conferences and events, including SXSW Interactive, An Event Apart, Summit Series, and the World Domination Summit.

We touched on a variety of topics during our conversation, including an industry that he is elated to see embracing sketchnotes, his usage (and the evolution) of The Daily Plan Bar, and all about his latest project: The Sketchnote Ideabook.

Talking Points

  • Why did Mike decide to create a notebook when there are so many out there now? (4:23)
  • What does Mike look for in a notebook? (5:48)
  • What has excited Mike most about the rise in popularity in sketchnoting? (10:08)
  • Mike talks about the intersection between digital and analog (14:40)
  • What’s happened with The Daily Plan Bar since the last time we spoke (20:18)
  • Where does Mike keep the long-term things he needs to work on at some point? (24:59)
  • Does Mike have plans for more products beyond The Sketchnote Ideabook? (32:20)
  • These are the things that surprised Mike the most as sketchnoting has spread over the years (34:42)
  • This is the one language that Mike is surprised that his books has not been translated into (36:17)

If you looked at everything then you wouldn’t have enough lifetime to look at it all.”

Mike Rohde

Helpful Links

Analog isn’t going anywhere. It has evolved and will continue to evolve as it finds new ways to take hold in various aspects of our lives. Sketchnoting is an example of this; it’s been around for a decade and it keeps growing in popularity. I’m getting back into it myself and you’ll be seeing more and more of my work showing that in the weeks and months to come. I encourage you to check out the helpful links to see if sketchnoting will work for you. As far as I’m concerned, the sky is the limit for what Mike has crafted – and continues to craft.

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