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Broken Record

Broken Record
Category : Nightlife / Bars
Address : 1166 Geneva Ave (between Edinburgh St & Naples St) San Francisco, CA 94112
Phone : (415) 963-1713
Views : 6565

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Danielle R. ,
Apr 15, 2013
FOOD IS FANTASTIC!! This is the first dive bar I've been to in SF and have visited twice.

Atmosphere: The place is a decent size & a bit dingy but hey it's a bar! No need to be fancy shmancy. The front end consists of the bar, one pool table, and a few seats. Go further towards the back and this is where the place really gets good.

The Food: AWESOME!! Clams in the white wine sauce is hella good! An entire bowl just overflowing with clams and a few slices of toast. Just wish I had some hot rice to go with it =) and the burger is awesome!! I've had my fair share of burgers, and I gotta tell ya this one is definitely top 3. If you love a hearty, meaty, and well charred-right-off-the-grill burger, this is your best bet!! Also got to try the oxtail and shit was bomb!! I'm usually not a fan of oxtail, but theirs made me wish that my mom could cook it like that. (shh.. don't tell her that)
Mel M. ,
Apr 15, 2013
There are 4 things you should know about the Broken Record:

1. BR was showcased on DDD on the food network about 4 years ago. The FN still replays the episodes, so don't come here expecting to find the same menu items. The Chef left and took his recipes with him.
2. Specifically the Tiger Prawn Sandwich with the crab mayo...Has not been on the menu for 3 years. (huge disappointment!!)
3. The restaurant is separate from the bar and there are no waitresses. You walk into the bar, order your drinks from the BT then walk to the back of the restaurant and order your food. They give you a table marker then you sit, and they bring your food when its done.
4. Because the bar and restaurant are separate, there are no free refills on soft drinks. And you have to get up and walk to the bar to get more drinks if needed. This can be a bit jarring especially if you are alone and have to leave your food to get another drink. I didn't like that too much.

The most expensive thing is maybe $15, but the avg is 8-10.
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