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Lucca Ravioli Company

Lucca Ravioli Company
Category : Food / Ethnic Food
Address : 1100 Valencia St (between 22nd St & 23rd St) San Francisco, CA 94110
Phone : (415) 647-5581
Website :
Views : 2041

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Amy C. ,
Apr 15, 2013
How to Have A 5 Star "Homemade" Italian Dinner in Minutes:

1) Go to Lucca Ravioli and grab a ticket.

2) While waiting, try not to drool on the counter filled with cheeses, meats, deli items, freshly made pasta, and the much beloved Liguria's focaccia.

3) Grab a box or two of their infamous ravioli. Maybe the spinach one because you need to eat more veggies.


4) Grab a container or two of their fabulous pesto or marinara sauces. (Or if you are lucky like me, maybe your Better Half will whip up a Valentine's Day tomato sauce chock full of spicy turkey sausage, bacon, mushrooms, and garlic).

5) Go home. Heat and eat! Unconvincingly pretend that you made the ravioli yourself.

6) Pass out from your food coma.
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